Set M: Maryland Clean Energy Grant Awards

This dataset was collected from Maryland Open Data. The dataset contains historical data on total grant amount awarded to different clean energy projects. The projects are grouped first by county and then by zipcode. They are aggregated into four different technology types and were colored accordingly: solar hot water, solar PV, geothermal and wind. The colors were chosen to represent the Maryland flag. Each box represents the total amount grant awarded for a certain technology in certain zip code.

Visualization M1.1

The projects were filtered to show only values below $40,000 for grant award amount.

Visualization M1.2

This is the same visualization as M1.1 but showing values between $10,000 and $40,000. The borders were removed here.

Visualization M2.2

There the projects were first divided into two groups where one had states with more expenditure on solar and the other had states with more expenditure in other technologies. They were then further categorized into solar and non-solar group.

Visualization M2.3

This is a variation of M2.2 with no border.

Visualization M3.1

Here, no filter has been applied on the dataset and it’s presented in a slice-and-dice layout with no borders.


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