Set B: World energy consumption and CO2 emission (Part 2)

The dataset was collected from US Energy Information Administration. It contains 2010 data on total oil supply (thousand barrels per day), CO2 Emission (million metric tons), per capita CO2 emission (metric tons of CO2 per person), energy production (quadrillion Btu), and energy consumption (quadrillion Btu) for all countries categorized into 7 continents. There are 224 records in total.

Visualization B.1.1

The size of the boxes represent CO2 emission for countries while the color varies by per capita CO2 emission. The coloring was done via categorizing countries into 6 equally dense bins for per capita CO2 emission.


Visualization B.1.2

This is the same visualization as above (B.1.1) with the top 5 CO2 emitting countries removed. This has a slice and dice layout without any borders.


Visualization B.1.3

The data in visualization B.1.2 was sorted by per capita CO2 emission values for this visualization.


Visualization B.1.4

This is the same data as visualization B.1.2 laid out in squarified layout. However, the original continent categorization was removed and a hierarchy based on 6 equally dense bins of per capita CO2 emission was used.


Visualization B.1.5


Visualization B.2.1

This dataset does not use any hierarchy. The size of boxes represent energy consumption of countries. The boxes are colored based on continents.


Visualization B.3.1

This visualization shows the top 4 CO2 emitting countries. The color theme was inspired by Joseph Albers’ Homage to the Square – Glow.



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